• trythiscolor.com is the user experience portfolio of Scot Copeland.

    A Dallas based designer who likes to try things out, Scot is passionate about the process of building digital products, and adding a little color along the way.

My Beliefs

Continuous Design

Design shouldn’t happen first, or last. Effective design happens throughout a product's life.


Designers don’t have all the answers. Everyone in the organization helps to build the best products.

Know How to Code

Designers who understand code make better products, and build better rapport with developers.

Make it Fun

Magic happens when a designer sweats the small stuff, especially when it’s not expected.

I believe successful solutions are built on a process that follows this path:


You can dive right into designing a solution without research. It’s easy. But a solution without research is sure to be missing something... well, everything.


Based on the insights gathered from thoughtful research, a plan can be constructed. The plan will change as it always does, but starting with a plan based on research sets up the best outcome.


Early in a product’s life, sketches may be all that’s required to help test an idea. The design should be clear enough at each stage to appropriately prove the effectiveness of the solution. Early stage should be rough, late stage should be polished.


As soon as possible, prototypes should be tested with real users inside and outside the organization. They help uncover the need for further research, planning, iteration on design, and re-evaluation. And on and on the project goes.


Here's a curated group of some recent projects I've been involved with:

Thoughts on Design

Staying current with trends is important to me. Sometimes I write about it, sometimes I share others' hard work.