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The existing website was an outdated design almost a decade old, with an equally difficult architecture (with roots in an Excel Spreadsheet) that hindered the company’s ability to make money via online ticket sales, and made it difficult to keep content fresh, or interact with the large customer base of raving movie fans.


Working closely with team members from the Development team, the Marketing team, and the Leadership team, I first spent several weeks completing a foundational analysis which included a heuristic evaluation, and a broad inventory of the website’s content. I worked with the development team to understand the existing website architecture, and assisted in planning the new architecture. I completed a cursory competitive analysis, and spent time with the Marketing team to research their content revision processes.

From there I began working on new workflow diagrams, rough persona development, wireframes, and finally high-fidelity mockups.

The screenshots below demonstrate some of the planned functionality which included a loyalty program, several ad units for internal and partner advertising, rich in-house content, and a focused online ticketing process that minimized distractions to increase engagement.


My efforts helped shape possible features and improvements for the website, and served as the basis for sourcing the required team members and the plan forward.

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