Dealertrack.com Redesign

Driving leads for new customers


Following several acquisitions, the Marketing team for Dealertrack was interested in rebranding to reflect the company's focus on technology services. My team was requested to help with a new logo and website design. The new website would need to reflect current best practices in IA, and content strategy, and it would need to improve lead generation as well as serve as a front door for existing customers of our SaaS products.


Working directly with the Marketing team, and using their project brief as our guide, we iterated on several concepts for the updated brand, and one of my designers’ concepts was ultimately chosen as the basis for the new logo. (H/T Mike Eberhard)

With our efforts on the new branding complete, we went to work on the website, understanding identified customer segments, and helping where we could to organize the content around specific products, and drive leads to demo new products and services to qualified customers.

My role in the project focused on creating concepts for the brand, and providing guidance with IA and usability improvements to my team's lead designer. I also designed high fidelity mockups along with others from my team, once work was complete on the wireframes.


Elements of my team's work appeared on the new site including the visual design language we developed for some of the promotional aspects of the site. That work in turn helped increase lead generation by > 20% in first quarter beyond launch, as well as improving the usability of the log-in process, the UX of the lead gen form, and overall visual design.

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