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Designing a custom solution for dealers large and small


We were tasked with designing a product that helped dealerships connect with their customers without having to learn the technical side of software development, and we needed to offer a custom solution that made an impact extending their brand in the mostly template-based market of website products that were more memorable not because they were unique, but because they matched so many competitor websites.


In the crowded market of website products for car dealers, we designed a solution that didn’t scale. We offered a custom-designed solution you would typically find at an agency, but because it was in-house, it was tightly integrated with our other products and services. In addition, my team would design traditional marketing solutions, including branding design for our smaller customers who needed a single solution to get it all done at once.

Our customer base grew large enough that we needed to expand our products to include a low-cost template product, but we learned from our competition, and we designed a solution that maximized customization, while being faster to implement. We also extended the platform to include separate mobile versions of the websites.

The website products used a common platform architecture with tight integration into our Inventory, and CRM solutions, and the features were optimized to drive leads, empower their customers with knowledge of specific vehicles, and grow brand awareness, and credibility for our dealers who often sold their vehicles online without customers ever setting foot in their dealerships.

Design and Front-end Development teams collaborated to build the sites, and we used a combination of Zendesk, and Trello to keep track of current projects, bugs, and new features.


Thousands of dealers left our competitor’s products for the unique customization and deep integration possible with our award-winning platform. We saw massive sales of our products, which included several of the largest dealer groups in not only North Texas, but the broader U.S.

These are just a few examples of the template-based and custom designs I created while also leading the Design team.

Exploration wireframes demonstrating potential homepage layouts based on dealership's business goals and our platform's component flexibility.

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