Dealertrack Chat UI

A new tool for immediate communication


The existing product worked, but wasn’t providing some of the important business goals the leadership team needed, and the UI needed the flexibility to function the same for mobile devices as it did on the desktop. The product was a very important one for our business; it provided an immediate connection between potential car buyers and dealers while they were engaging with the website wherever they happened to be.


Our internal product team engaged an outside vendor to develop the new version of the tool. I lead the UX/design for the project on the product side. My focus was to ensure the design would enhance communication - not hinder it. I also needed to provide alternative behaviors for exposing the tool to customers with varying levels of attention based on our dealers’ preference.


The product launched successfully and quickly generated 5x sales vs. the previous tool over the first quarter following launch. Importantly, it worked smoothly on mobile websites, and worked across our platform.

Behavioral examples of Levels of Attention

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